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What would a typical office assessment consist of?

The typical office assessment would consist of an initial review of the physical site and an evaluation of the staff and the hours kept. In House training would be tailored according to a staff profile, and specific training and consultation/recommendations would be provided to the practice/small business owner. Written materials and specific drills would be provided in order to educate and raise the level of awareness of the staff. The process usually takes no more than 1-2 days, and can be done on a weekend, to accommodate people's schedule.

Why would this need to be done?

Health Care Professionals and Business Owners spend the majority of their lives at work. The goal of the Bill Francis Academy is to make the environment we work in safe and productive for all. The odd hours many Health Care Providers are required to keep. Along with their mostly female staff, coupled with the intense personal interaction that occurs when delivering care, or service, to patients/customers, places people at risk. Whether it is a small private office that may have medications on hand, making it a target for intruders, or an encounter in an empty Hospital parking lot at 2a.m. The business has provided a successful and sought after service.

What is the Art of Inayan Eskrima?

Eskrima is the name applied to the Filipino Martial Art, originating in the Central Philippines. Mangisursuro Mike Inay was the founder of this particular style and thus the honorific, Inayan. His original teachers were GrandMaster Max Sarmiento and GrandMaster Angel Cabales. Following his passing, his son Jason Inay became the Head of the System. The Art strives to produce superb practitioners and pass on the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines.

What is the Art of streetfighting?

Founded by GrandMaster David Burt, who has been training and teaching for over 35 years, this Art embraces all aspects of combat, including striking, kicking, locks, grappling, and weapons. All drills are practiced in a realistic environment (no padding, no mats, etc.) with the goal of creating a Practitioner who is comfortable at defending themselves at any range, under any conditions.


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